Brightening Oxygen Mask - MIE Skincare
Brightening Oxygen Mask - MIE Skincare
Brightening Oxygen Mask - MIE Skincare
Brightening Oxygen Mask - MIE Skincare
Brightening Oxygen Mask - MIE Skincare

Brightening Oxygen Mask

The one that gives your skin Oxygen
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  • Bursting with Active Ingredients

  • Retinol Free

  • Clinically Proven

  • Cruelty Free



About the Brand

Uses patented OX2 technology to brighten, regenerate, clarify your skin. Formulated with amino acids, minerals, proteins, birch sap and infused with oxygen to reinvigorate your skin.

  • Brightens and Hydrates
  • Unclogs pores and reduces blemishes
  • Increases blood flow to plump and nourish

The high concentration of oxygen in the mask will restore the skin’s vital oxygen supply whilst the Birch Sap and Seaweed extract will infuse the skin with nourishment and anti-oxidants leaving the skin hydrated, soft and smooth. Excess gas pollutants like carbon dioxide will be removed from the skin making this a powerful anti-pollution treatment.

We blend the power of nature with the precision of science to nurture your skin. We prioritise gentle, authentic care that allows your true beauty to shine through. Unlike many skincare brands, we never use retinol in our products. Instead, we harness the best of natural ingredients and scientific innovation to create skincare solutions that are fabulously effective yet gentle on your skin. Our commitment is simple: to provide you with skincare that is as nurturing as it is effective, empowering you to embrace and enhance your natural beauty.

Trial Results


Agreed skin looks brighter


Agreed their skin felt smoother


Agreed their skin felt more hydrated


Agreed their skin felt soft

Key Ingredients

Birch Sap (Betula Alba Juice) - Harvested from black and white birch trees from Norwegian forests (due to its purity and product provenance). Birch can improve blood circulation and have a detoxifying effect. Increasing production of skin cells, help keep your skin healthy and rejuvenated.

Seaweed Extract - Help regulate oil production, exfoliates and brighten the skin. For natural hydration, which protects, softens and soothes your skin

Full ingredients list
Aqua, Betula Alba Juice, Perfluorohexane, Corn Starch Modified, Glyceryl Acrylate/Acrylic Acid Copolymer, Decyl Glucoside, Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate, Glyceryl Laurate, Perfluorodecalin, Pentafluoropropane, Butylene Glycol, Chondrus Crispus Extract, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Phenoxyethanol, PPG-26-Buteth-26, Zea Mays Starch, Chlorphenesin, EDTA, Glycerin

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How to use

Dispense 3-5 pumps of mask and lightly spread over skin, being careful to avoid the eye area and tear ducts. DO NOT rub the mask into the skin. Allow 10-15 minutes for the oxygen to be released. (The mask will firstly go white and bubbly and then start to turn translucent). Wet a muslin cloth under warm water and wipe off any residue on the skin.

Our Packaging

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 Our commitment to sustainability means we avoid discarding usable packaging. Hence, your orders might contain a mix of both old and new designs. Be assured, the product remains consistently high-quality as always. Receiving the classic packaging contributes to waste reduction, aligning with our environmental goals.

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Clinical Trials

At MIE Skincare we love sending our products for independent clinical trials.  

By providing unbiased evaluations, these trials uphold scientific integrity, delivering reliable findings. 

Ultimately, independent trials empower you to make confident choices, knowing that your skincare decisions are backed by evidence, not just promises.


Q: Should I be using this mask every day?

A: No you don’t. The best way to use your Oxygen Cellular Mask is just once or twice a week for most effective results

Q: Can I use this mask on oliy skin?

A: Yes, absolutely. The Oxygen Mask has a deep cleansing effect even on oilier skins.

Q: Should the mask be tingling on my skin?

A: What you are experiencing and describe as a “tingling” sensation is actually the little oxygen bubbles bursting. It is a pleasant bubbling sensation as the oxygen is released into the skin and the foam disappears.

Q: Will this mask help very dry and dull skin?

A: The medicinal grade oxygen will flood the cells and pick up gaseous pollutants found in the skin. This will increase the circulation and will most definitely improve dryness, dullness and dehydration.