MIE Skincare is an independent British skincare brand whose focus is providing real and visible results that cut through the noise of the skincare industry.

Each and every claim we make is clinically tested and proven by an independent clinical laboratory, ensuring that our claims are biologically proven.

Our principal social purpose is to ensure our products are suitable for all, whatever  your skin type, ethnicity, gender or ethics. We recognise all skin is different and we formulate our products to be biocompatible with everyone. All our independent Clinical Trials and Consumer Research are carried out by a wide panel of diverse skin types. 

Wellness is also key - our products do more than just make you look your best - they also improve your skin’s condition and health. Our products are independently clinically proven to improve your skin’s barrier function, as well as increase the rate of your cells’ turnover.

Our New Product Development process is beyond thorough and always authentic. It begins with the company founder testing hundreds of products, discerning the great from the good. From there it feeds down to our employees, then our devotees, then to our existing customers. Each tier includes a diverse group of people from all ages, beliefs and races - so all our feedback is universal - all of it goes towards the finished result.


Our Founder

For over 25 years, Richard Mears worked in the beauty industry as a formulator for several of the most well-known brands, creating many of their best-selling products.

However, it became clear that he was being asked to create products that could not deliver the efficacy that was being promised.

Richard was jaded with the industry and their attitude to putting profitability over quality. So, he embarked on a journey to create a brand that actually delivers the exceptional results promised on the packaging.


“Our pledge is to create and be responsible with products that deliver true efficacy.”



The Technology


The secret to MIE Skincare amazing results is our unique and complex combinations of natural ingredient extracts, each with their own benefits - PLUS our patented OX2 Technology.

Oxygen Transfer Technology - “Oxygen is to blood what nectar is to bees.” It allows your skin to absorb more oxygen for up to 24 hours, optimises the skin’s processes and increases microcirculation which delivers core nutrients crucial to the optimal healing process of fine lines, wrinkles and poor circulation areas (like the dark circles under your eyes).

It captures gaseous micropollutants that enter the skin - the only skincare complex to do so - and neutralises their free radicals.

OX2 is the most effective form of antipollution within skincare. Plus, it gives you a nice healthy glow!