Over 350 clinical studies…


…yielding proven before and after results…


…using our signature Oxygen Transfer Technology.


MIE Skincare have conducted over 350 independent clinical studies. We ensure that every claim broadcasted on each product is backed up and fully proven by an independent clinical trial. We display what our products can do for our customers with dramatic before and after images. We do not believe in any fear-marketing, confusing jargon or single-ingredient focus. Instead, it comes entirely down to scientific evidence - and our products speak for themselves.


To make sure that we have no involvement in the outcome of the results, all MIE Skincare clinical trials are done by leading, fully independent, clinical laboratories with facilities in the US and the UK.

We do this because, firstly, we care about what you are putting on your skin, but, moreover, we want to make sure that we only launch a product that offers the exceptional results we promise, and is genuinely effective.


The full, in-depth details of our clinical trials and how they are conducted are outlined below. We invite you to explore and compare your own results against the outcome of our trials.


Objective instrumental assessments were carried out using four key mechanisms:

  • Cutometer (lift and firmness)
  • Chromameter (brightness)
  • Corneometer (hydration)
  • Profilometer (wrinkle measurement)


PM Recovery was developed with the goal to improve every area of your skin while you sleep. It outperformed all of our expectations in the clinical trials, with its long-term benefits being the star of the show.

It was proven to:

  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines by an average of 41% in just 6 weeks.
  • Increase elasticity and firm skin by an average of 148% in 6 weeks.
  • Increase skin hydration by 112% in 12 hours.
  • Make skin look 10% more luminous in 6 weeks (competing against best-expected laser treatment results).
  • Diminish the colour intensity of age spots by an average of 10% in 6 weeks.