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Lips tend to be overlooked as part of our anti-ageing routine, but they are the first and most predominant area that shows signs of ageing – gradual loss of volume and increased lines that accumulate as time goes on. Your Lips need protection from UV rays and, like your skincare routine this is not exclusive to holidays and sitting on the beach, your lips are exposed to UV rays every single day.

As we age our collagen, soft tissue, the muscles in and around the lip area all decline, resulting in less voluminous, thinner lips with more predominant lines. In addition, blood vessels decrease the border between your lips and the surrounding skin causing the colour to fade, which inevitably makes you look more washed out. Cumulative UV damage from sun exposure, smoking and other lifestyle choices also all increase the chances of lost volume and faded colour. 

Lip Cancer whilst sounding dramatic, is another reason to protect the delicate skin on your lips and the surrounding area. UV exposure is the most destructive and if you do not want to invest in SPF for your lips, a clear lipstick and or lip gloss will give you a small level of protection on a daily basis.

So, what if you already have lined lips and can see that the ageing process has already begun?

There are lots of brilliant ingredients out there to target lines, wrinkles and loss of volume, so all is not lost. Any face cream with reparative and hydrating ingredients will work wonders for your lips. Humectants like Hyaluronic acid deliver plumping effects by absorbing water from the epidermis, creating an expanding effect, so as well as being super hydrating, it smooths out the lines and helps to restore the natural fullness from the inside out.

Our AM and PM contain Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Peptides which will hydrate keeping your lips supple, plump meaning the lines are less visible and also aid collagen production. When applying AM or PM, remember to dab a little onto your lips to reap the benefits. Peptides stimulate collagen production, elastin and other structural proteins that cause the skin to appear plumper and give a less lined appearance.

Oils and glosses will give an instant benefit to lips because well lubricated, supple lips will always appear less lined and fuller. When choosing a lip gloss or product for daily use, look for one with a long-term moisturising benefits. Our Lip Plumper, whilst marketed as a plumping treatment, this is by no means its only benefit. In fact, some, myself included, do not get the instant plumping effect that so many rave about. 

This is because our lip plumper does not contain any nasties and will not cause a sting. If you already have thinning or thinner lips, you are unlikely to look dramatically different after just one application. In fact, it is unlikely that unless injected with collagen or hyaluronic your lips will not look dramatically different from any product after one application. With continued use, the active ingredients will penetrate the layers of your lips to build moisture from within, giving you more volume and less visible lines. 

Whatever your thoughts on lip plumpers, the bottom line is that your lips are prone to age, become dry (at times) and therefore any restorative measure is a long-term investment and should be part of your routine. 

If you are buying a face cream, why not use the benefits on your lips?

Try our Lip Plumping Treatment for both immediate lip conditioning and fuller, more defined lips. Instant Effects is all about active ingredients; our Lip Plumper contains Hyaluronic Acid, Marine filling Spheres and Oxygen which penetrate the layers of the skin to hydrate, produce collagen, whilst the Marine filling spheres plump by up to ten times their initial volume.

Special Offer for this month only, when you buy our AM Energiser Day Cream and Instant Eye Lift Serum together, you will receive our 3D Lip Plumping Treatment absolutely FREE!