There is nothing better than spending time outdoors with your loved ones, and over the summer months, you've no doubt done a lot out in the sun. 

But as we all know, too much sun is damaging and dangerous! Along with scary long term health implications, overexposure to the sun causes wrinkle formulation, uneven complexion, redness, broken capillaries, and hyper-pigmentation. In addition to sun damage, there are many factors in the summer that can dry and irritate your skin, such as humidity, wind, saltwater, and chlorinated water. It is very important to take intensive care of your skin after the summer season and the annual beach holiday.

So, this Autumn, introduce a skincare recovery into your day. This will not only benefit your skin by reversing the damage caused by the summer months but will also keep your skin healthy for the change in season. 

Generally, when the seasons change our skin's behaviour changes too. Your skin goes through a lot, especially when it is trying to protect itself from the drastic changes in weather. Therefore, it's important that your skin gets all the recovery it needs from facing the sun, as well as preparing its self for those long cold wintery months ahead.



First, it's important to see how your skin is currently behaving. What has your skin started to do now, compared to what it did previously during the summer months?

Depending on what you see, now is the time to change your skincare routine slightly. It may be that you will only have to change something very simple like your moisturiser, but it's worth checking with your dermatologist first as they'll know what is best for you and your skin. 

Whatever time of year it is make sure you are using the right products for your skin. Using the wrong skincare for the current season will prevent it from absorbing the nutrients it needs, and overload it with the nutrients it already has!

For example, most people tend to be a bit oilier during the summer months and don't have to moisturise as much, but as Autumn sets in your skin will need more hydration meaning it's a good time to reach for a slightly thicker, hydrating moisturiser. Also, as your skin is dryer, you may want to use a gentler face wash that won't further dry out or strip your skin from its natural oils. If you can get your hands on a cleanser that promises to hydrate or moisturise your skin, then that's even better.



To help remedy any sun damage on your face, we recommend you try out our PM Recovery Night Cream. 

This replenishing night cream is full of skin-loving active ingredients including Japanese Seaweed Extract. Japanese Seaweed extract is rich in essential fatty acids that help maintain your skin's natural barrier, providing deep nourishment and intense hydration. The fatty acids also help soothe and smooth the skin by removing dead skin cells and combating dryness. A perfect nighttime moisturiser to help recover sunburned skin. Discover more about Instant Effects PM Recovery Night cream here.

For your eye area, we recommend our Instant Effects Triple Complex Eye Lift Serum. 

Triple Complex Eye Lift Serum is the first true anti-pollutant eye serum that's clinically proven to stop air pollutants before they can cause damage to the skin. This powerful, highly concentrated eye serum offers unrivalled results and is generally three times more effective than other conventional eye serums. Its soothing and cooling properties will help hydrate the delicate skin around your eye, while also combatting the formation of fine lines and crows feet. Discover more about Instant Effects Triple Complex Eye Lift Serum here.

Don't forget about the skin on your neck! This will have been exposed to the sun too, so we recommend using our Neck & Chest Rejuvenating Serum.

This serum is a highly advanced rejuvenating serum that is developed to hydrate and firm delicate skin. Thanks to its high levels of active ingredients, Neck & Chest Rejuvenating Serum combats wrinkle formation by increasing collagen and elastin production, and reduces the colour intensity of age spots, resulting in a smoother, firmer and more even neck and chest. Discover more about the Instant Effects Neck & Chest Rejuvenating Serum here.

It's vital that you keep wearing sunscreen every day. Sunscreen is a daily essential, so don't put it away for the winter!

Remember whatever the season it is important to always look after your skin. Even after your skincare recovery, remember to keep your skin tipped up with all the goodness it needs and keep it protected to help prevent any further or future damage.