Nourishing Balm Cleanser - MIE Skincare
Nourishing Balm Cleanser - MIE Skincare
Nourishing Balm Cleanser - MIE Skincare

MIE Skincare

Nourishing Balm Cleanser

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This astonishing anti-ageing, brightening balm melts into an oil on contact with the skin. It is formulated to gently remove make up, impurities, daily pollutants and SPF. Our powerful balm cleanser clears up your skin while keeping it soft, nourished and radiant.

  • Removes all traces of make-up and impurities
  • Brightens and Hydrates
  • Unclogs the pores and reduces blemishes

Our nourishing balm cleanser is a multi-tasking, non-comedogenic formula (does not clog the pores) and can be used by all skin types. The soft velvety texture will leave your skin perfectly cleansed and silky soft. Pomegranate extract is a known anti-oxidant that is also anti- ageing and soothing, whilst the White Water Lilly is effective at protecting the skin’s barrier, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and improves elasticity. Vitamin C and E acts are anti-oxidants that also aid in barrier strength and brightening the skin.
Salicylic is and effective exfoliant, to help brighten dull skin and unclog the pores, leaving you with visibly soft and smooth skin.

Directions: Gently massage the buttery soft, fragrance free Nourishing Balm Cleanser over the skin and eye area to melt away daily make up, dirt and SPF. The consistency of the Nourishing Balm Cleanser allows for ease of use to remove your eye makeup. Since the Nourishing Balm Cleanser is packed with oils, anti-oxidants, natural extracts and Salicylic Acid you will get the added benefit of removing dead skin cell build up with a power packed anti-oxidant boost.
Run a muslin cloth or cleansing pads under warm water and press firmly onto the skin. This will help with opening the pores. Use the muslin cloth or cleansing pads to gently wipe away the residue, make-up and any impurities from the skin. Rinse and repeat.

Customer Reviews

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Julia M.

Felt really comforting. My pores were reduced and more refined. Have used another balm cleanser for years, which has now been replaced with this one. This balm is brilliant

Kim W.

Having older dryer skin anything that moisturises my skin is always welcome and this balm did just that


Really lovely refreshed skin after using without any feeling of tightening. Slightly unexpected texture (it's the first time I've used a balm cleanser). Skin definitely looked brighter and which made me feel more awake!


Love the look of my skin n the smells is lovely


Lovely texture and felt super smooth.


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