Instant Effects About Us


Instant Effects is an independent British skincare brand focusing on real and visible results that cut through the noise of the skincare industry.  Each and every claim we make is clinically tested and proven by an independent clinical laboratory, to ensure that our claims are genuine,  not just industry jargon.

Instant Effects mission is simple: Provide expert level skincare at an affordable price. Each product is specifically designed to target multiple skin issues - to be used individually, or in combination with our other products, to offer the best solution to your skin concerns.

Instant Effects Founder - Richard Mears

Our Founder

For over 25 years, Richard Mears worked in the beauty industry as a formulator for several of the most well-known brands, creating many of their best-selling products.

However, it became clear that he was being asked to create products that could not deliver the efficacy that was being promised.

Richard was jaded with the industry and their attitude to putting profitability over quality. So, he embarked on a journey to create a brand that actually delivers the exceptional results promised on the packaging.

The rest is history.

The Science

The secret to Instant Effects’ amazing results is our unique and complex combinations of natural ingredient extracts, each with their own benefits, PLUS our patented OX2 Technology.

OX2 Technology is our highly advanced oxygen transfer formulation that allows your skin to absorb more oxygen for up to 24 hours.

Now, why is this so important? Oxygen is the body’s best friend when it comes to natural healing and restoration.

An increased level of oxygen being absorbed into the skin will naturally cause an increase in blood flow to the applied area; as blood is mechanically drawn to high concentration areas of oxygen. This means your blood will carry a multitude of other core nutrients to the area which is crucial to the optimal healing process of fine lines, wrinkles, and poor circulation areas (like the dark circles under your eyes). 

Plus, it gives you a nice healthy glow!

Our OX2 Technology comes in two levels of concentration; OX2 and OX2 Pro.

Instant Effects - The Science

Richard Mears is also responsible for bringing to market the first-ever reusable range of protective face masks, of which, the Commuter 98 offers an outstanding 98% filtration. The Breathe Happy mask is not only superior in protection but it boasts excellent green credentials, ensuring the wearer is doing their bit to protect themselves, those around them, and our planet.