Guess that’s this year’s summer over then. Now we’ve just got Autumn and Winter to look forward to, and you know what that means… party season!

We’re talking weeks of parties and events – not to mention Christmas – all lined up to take us into the new year! With all these plans you’ve got coming up, looking and feeling your best is probably one of your top priorities. Getting an early start in your beauty preparation is key to making a statement when you rock up to one of your do’s. So, if you want to turn heads when you waltz through that door, then here’s what you’re going to want to do:


You can’t expect your skin to look its best with only a day’s effort. To get the best results, we recommend starting your beauty prep at least three to four weeks in advance.


The true British weather has finally kicked in, so your skincare routine is going to need that little extra TLC and loads of hydration to prevent dryness, tightness, and cracking.


Smooth & Prepare - To get the full benefits of a skincare regime, start by removing all the dead and dry skin cells from your face and body. For your face, use a gentle chemical exfoliator (stay away from physical exfoliators unless you want the raw, irritated look) 1-2 times a week. For your body, you can use either a chemical or physical exfoliator – as long as it’s gentle. But remember, you just want to remove the already dead skin cells, not kill the new ones.

Hydrate & Glow - Cold weather is very drying for the skin, and we all know how cold the British weather can get…which is why it’s essential to keep your skin moisturised, and more importantly, hydrated! There are two ways you can go about this:


Firstly, hydrate from within. Drinking at least two litres of water a day will keep your skin healthy and supple and will flush out toxins for a natural glow. 

Secondly, a more direct approach. Applying a hydrating moisturiser, such as our AM Energiser Day Cream, will deliver your skin an instant boost of hydration – with all the benefits that come with it – as well as balance the skin’s oil production.

De-Puff & Brighten - To ensure eye bags don’t ruin your party look on the day, try and get at least 8 hours of sleep every night – this is also just a good habit to adopt anyway, as sleep is so important for more than just "de-puffing your eyes". During sleep, your body repairs itself, including your skin. So, getting 8 hours of sleep leads to brighter eyes, improved skin complexion, and puts you in a better mood. But, for those days where sleep is not on your priority list… Our Instant Eye Lift Serum makes a good backup. It firms and brightens dull and tired eyes, hiding any signs of a sleepless night.


Getting your body ready for the big day is essential. It’s all well and good if you look amazing, but there’s nothing worse than being at a party where your body just gives up on you. So, to avoid feeling sluggish throughout the party season – and just generally – there are some simple lifestyle changes you should adopt.

Diet - The first step to improving your body’s health is improving what you eat. Focus on eating whole foods – so, brown bread rather than white, that sort of thing – and limiting your consumption of processed foods, takeaways, refined carbs, alcohol and caffeine (you’ll have plenty of these during your parties, so try and give your gut a break in between plans). Also, and we can’t stress this enough, drink two litres of water a day. Trust us, your body will thank you. 

Exercise - Exercising isn’t just good for toning up, it’s good for improving your stamina and your mood – both of which are essential for staying out all night and enjoying yourself. Doing gentle cardio, such as walking, jogging or cycling, 3-4 times a week is an easy way to get into an exercising routine and build up your stamina. Pair this with some yoga and not only will your body feel better, but so will your mental health. If you also want to look, fitter, then you should consider doing HIIT and weight training or some slightly more intensive classes at your local gym. That way you will already start seeing results by the time the 4 weeks are over.


Sleep - Getting regular sleep is probably one of the easiest and best things you can do for your overall health. As we’ve already said, getting 8 hours of sleep helps the body repair itself which is why you feel refreshed and fit after a good night’s sleep. Sleep is also linked to reduced weight gain, improved concentration and productivity, reduced risk of heart disease and strokes, and improved mental health, emotions and social interactions. So, for the next 3-4 weeks, turn off the TV early and get into bed at an appropriate time. It may even help you get into a healthy routine, and make you feel better generally! 


There’s no point in having good skin, if the hair that frames it looks dull and lacklustre…so, start on your haircare early too so that it’s silky, healthy and frizz-free in time for your event.

Hair Products:  Avoid using shampoos and other hair products that are silicone-based, contain alcohol or have other harsh ingredients as they are very drying and prevent your hair from absorbing beneficial nutrients. Products you should avoid using, as a rule, include salt sprays – are these even a thing anymore? – and hairsprays – as these are alcohol-based and most shampoos can’t wash them out completely. You should even be wary when using heat protectants.

Preferably, don’t use heat tools, but if you do, make sure you use heat protectants properly. Spray the protectant over individual segments of hair and let it dry completely before using any heat tools, otherwise, you could risk frying your hair and doing more damage. So, for the next four weeks, try to challenge yourself to go without using harmful shampoos, heat tools or hairspray. You may also consider using a hair mask weekly to repair damaged hair and give it all the nutrients it needs.

Hair Tools:  Stay away from heat-based tools. We’re talking hairdryers, curling irons, straighteners, the lot! We’ve already covered how bad heat protectors and hairspray can be, so heat-based tools are a definite no-no. When it comes to using hairbrushes, using the wrong kind for your hair type can be very damaging. As a rule, the tighter your hair, the wider gaps your hairbrush or comb should have – for example, if you have tight coils you should use a wide-tooth comb, but if you have straight hair a hard bristle hairbrush is suitable.

Hair Styles:  If you’re up to trying out a new style this season, now’s the time to experiment. You’ve still got a few weeks to practice styling it in time for the event. So, whether you just want to try out a new do or want to go as far as getting a bold haircut, do it now while you still have time to fix it if it doesn’t look the way you want it to.

Change Up Your Pillowcase:  You should know by now that sleep is good for you, however, it’s not always good for your hair… When you’re moving about your hair rubs on your pillow, creating friction which leads to breakage. That’s why we recommend you switch your cotton or linen pillowcase for a silkier one, such as our Bamboo Silk Pillowcase – which is actually even better for you than a silk one, find out why in our blog – as it causes less friction.



One day to go, How exciting! Now it’s time to make sure everyone notices how amazing your skin looks, and the best way to do that is to give it a last-minute boost of hydration and nutrients…That’s right, it’s time for a face mask. You can always grab one from your local shop and, as there are so many to choose from, you can cater it to your needs. But if you’re looking for a general face mask, try and go for one that focuses on hydration. If you’re feeling crafty, why not make one at home? Just make sure to use fresh ingredients and not make it more than 15 minutes in advance.


Make sure you’re refreshed and ready for your event, with a little pamper evening from the comfort of your own home. Just relax, put up your feet and add some touches of luxury here and there, such as candles made from natural ingredients, incense, tranquil music and herbal tea.  And finally, say it with me, get at least 8 hours of sleep.


Start the day off doing damage control. Eat a large healthy meal and do some moderate exercise – but nothing that will tire you out – so that you can enjoy a guilt-free evening. Lastly, just enjoy yourself. You’ve done so well these last few weeks and it’s all paid off because now you can have the best time and feel confident and proud of yourself.



It’s important to remember to take a moment to feel good about yourself. While guides like these advise you on how to get ready for an event, what makes you feel good about yourself is up to you. You don’t need flawless skin, or a slim body to be confident, you just need to realise what an amazing person you are and take the time to appreciate yourself and remind yourself of all your strengths. After all, beauty really does come from within, and your confidence and positivity will shine brighter than any makeup look, hairdo or swanky outfit.