Taking good care of your skin goes beyond just your appearance. As your largest organ, protecting your skin is essential to your general health.

Your skin is your first line of defence and therefore how you look after it and your routine, is worth the daily effort.


At Instant Effects we pride ourselves on our ingredients, thoroughly researched and woven into the formulations at the highest possible concentration to allow us to make bold claims – that we can back-up, independently. We promise that we can not only change the appearance of your skin, but we can also help your body to generate new cells;  physiologically changing it.

However, there are a few considerations to bear in mind; and there is only so much skincare can do.


Whilst there are some great products available, topically applying anything to your skin can only go so far.

Only Injectables and/or surgery will have a immediate long term effect from a one off treatment.

However, don't be disheartened, whilst the beauty isle can feel like a bit of a minefiled with lots of compamies making big claims, there are lots of great brands out there that will actually work, given the chance. And these are not necesarily the brands you would think of. The bigger brands have bigger marketing budgets so can make more noise, but the smaller companies need to make an impact, which is where you often find great niche brands dedicated to quality and efficacy. But, and this is a big but...great skin takes time. 

Consistency is key

As we've mentioned above, unless you opt for injectables or a more intrusive treatment, your skin will not dramatically change overnight; there is no magic wand available that will give you flawless skin instantly.

Great skin takes time and energy to achieve the best results, a bit like weight loss or building muscle in the gym; time, consistency and commitment are the key. 

Beward not to overdo it though, to many products will make your skin congested and can lead to breakouts, thus stressed, red skin. A considered routine which you continue to follow twice a day, using clinically tested and proven products will work wonders. 

If you take our Instant Eye Lift as an example, the consistency is light and therefore easily absorbed by the skin, penetrating the layers and plumping with hydration; therefore lines and wrinkles immediately appear reduced. 

Once the upper layer has flashed off, you will need to reapply (again in the evening for example) to once again see the visible results but also to allow the serum time to  work its magic in the deeper layers of the dermis; giving you both Immediate Effect and long-term hydrating benefits. 

The way skincare can create real, genuine change is a slow process. New skin cells deep in the dermis take weeks to form and work their way to the surface; this is called Cell Turnover and as we age, this process slows. The average 30-year-old’s cell turnover takes about 28 days, 

so you really need to give your regime or new product a month or more of consistent use before deciding whether it is delivering on your expectations and has made a real difference to your skin. As i said, a bit like a healthy eating regime or the gym.

Read the claims

‘Independently clinically tested’ are the optimum claims to look out for. 

Not dermatologically tested, or been through consumer trials, but Independently clinically tested. Independent clinical trials are incredibly expensive, therefore a skincare company will not invest to this level if it isn't certain it will outperform the tests.

Independent clinical trials are rigerous, carried out by a research company and tested against placebo (meaning half the trialists get a false product). In our case they are also double-blind (meaning, even the scientists don’t know which product is which), randomised (meaning selected participants across a variety of ethnicities, ages and backgrounds) and the results are measured using scientific equipment like a Cutometer which measures elasticity. 


Therefore, the results are proven, beyond opinion and beyond doubt.

As we formulate our own products, we know that Instant Effects works and have invested in independent clinical trial, the results can be found  here.


Our next series of blogs will cover what skincare regimes we recommend, claims on packs and what they mean, which products to invest in to get the most from your regime and how to read the ingredients list.